[Mailman-Users] MTAs

Brad Knowles brad at stop.mail-abuse.org
Sat Mar 26 02:12:09 CET 2005

At 4:02 PM -0800 2005-03-25, John W. Baxter wrote:

>  And I have no way to help them.  I could probably manage to configure the
>  old Exim to work with the new Mailman, but I have no interest in doing so.

	Therein lies a big part of the problem.  If you're not willing to 
help, and the rest of the Exim community feels the same way, then the 
people who are in this situation are doomed unless they switch to 
other software.

>  On the other hand, the Python adjustment (if one is careful on an ancient
>  RedHat installation, where much breaks if one removes Python 1.5.2, or
>  points the name python at anything newer) is easier than the Exim upgrade,
>  since there is a large canyon between Exim 3 and Exim 4.

	This whole Exim 3/Exim 4 thing is not a problem with postfix. 
Don't get me wrong, postfix isn't perfect.  But what flaws it has 
tend to be less visible than this, and the issue of upgrading from 
one version to another usually has more to do with whether or not a 
binary package with the new version has yet been prepared, or whether 
they're willing to take the risk of going straight to the original 

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