[Mailman-Users] new to mime filters

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Sun May 1 18:52:41 CEST 2005

Jarrel Pertschuk wrote:

> Hey there trying to learn how to filter attachments with a list of 
> extensions. I'd like to write a filter that will scan for all items like 
> .exe, .dll  and a long list of things of that sort and delete them. Not 
> sure how to do this. Can anyone help with this basic question?

Mailman 2.1.6 header filter rules extend to mime subparts. Thus you can 
use these rules to delete/hold/reject entire posts based on regexp 
matches on the file name of attachments. You can't just strip the 
attachment this way though. That can only be done by mime content-type 
through the standard content filtering settings.

There is a post from Tokio Kikuchi in this list's archives about this, 
but I'm currently on a ship where internet connectivity costs 
$0.35/minute, so I leave it to you to find it.

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