[Mailman-Users] Announce only?

Staven Bruce Staven.Bruce at valleyair.org
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What I do for an announcment only list is to ensure the moderated bit is set
for all list members, then I set Mailman to reject all e-mail from moderated
users. I include a "rejected" message explaining that the list is for
annoucements only and ask users to contact us another way. I then set
Mailman to discard any and all mail from non-list members. 

I do not know if Mailman can automatically except messages from a specific
address, however I would not recommend doing that as the designated address
or addresses could be "spoofed", allowing your list to be spammed. What I do
is add a few manual steps to the posting process and have the administrator
of each list turn off their moderated bit before sending an announcement to
the list, then have them reset it after the message is sent. 

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Is it possible to make a mailman list announce only?

I've got the list reply-to address set to a specific, non-list address
but if the end user chooses to reply to all, the list address gets
included as well.  We try to keep all subscribers set to moderated,
but inevitably one or two will get through.

Can the list be set so that only messages from specified addresses get
posted, regardless of moderated status?

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