[Mailman-Users] How can I access the logs?

Daniel Tygel dtygel at fbes.org.br
Tue May 3 15:36:07 CEST 2005

Hi all,
  I've posted a question 5 days ago in this list, and the answer I got
was "what do the logs say?". So I tryed to find them. And I didn't! I'm
only an administrator of the list, not the provider, so I don't have
access to the directories where mailman is installed.

  Now to the question: I'm using mailman included in CPANEL. Does it
mean that I'm running a different mailman? Does someone know how to see
the logs in this case? Thank you very much for any insight in this
topic, because I'm heving problems: people simply cannot subscribe
anymore using "listname-request" with subject "subscribe". And also,
some users are complaining that they are not receiving the posts,
although their status in list manager isn't "nomail" or something like
this. I really cannot understand what is going wrong...

  Thanks a lot,

       daniel tygel
        Secretaria Executiva do 
 Fórum Brasileiro de Economia Solidária
              Brasília - DF
            dtygel at fbes.org.br

   Usando sistema operacional LIVRE:
 UBUNTU linux Warty, baseado em debian

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