[Mailman-Users] qmail-to-mailman.py and procmail

kmoogle kmoogle at gmail.com
Wed May 4 20:03:18 CEST 2005

All -

I'm currently using Qmail and qmail-to-mailman.py to handle list
tasks. Unfortunately, the Sober worm is putting quite the beatdown on
the script. In addition, it's generating a large number of "deferral:
preline:_fatal:_unable_to_copy_input:_broken_pipe" errors (I presume
this is because preline is choking on the attachments.)

In any case, my current mailman/.qmail-default contains:

|/var/qmail/bin/preline /usr/local/bin/python /opt/mailman/qmail-to-mailman.py

This has been working well for the past several years.

With the advent of viruses like Sober, I would like to pass mail
through procmail first to filter out all .zip attachments. Something

== sample .qmail-default ==
| /var/qmail/bin/preline /usr/bin/procmail -t /opt/mailman/.procmailrc

== sample .procmail ==
:0 HB:
* ^Content-Type:.*(multipart|mixed|application)
* name=.*\.(exe|bat|scr|pif|zip)

|/var/qmail/bin/preline /usr/local/bin/python /opt/mailman/qmail-to-mailman.py

I'd like to continue using qmail-to-mailman.py but filter out all .zip
files. I tried putting the above files in place, but
qmail-to-mailman.py doesn't seem to like the way I'm invoking it from

Any suggestions? I've checked the FAQ, but can't seem to find anything
specifically referring to the use of qmail-to-mailman.py with

I'm happy to switch to using .qmail-* aliases if someone can suggest a
script to manage the aliases and also offers procmail filtering.

Thank you.

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