[Mailman-Users] Tearing my hair out with Mandrake

Aaron Weissman aaron at weissman.com
Wed May 4 22:35:14 CEST 2005

Sorry.  $prefix = /usr/lib/mailman/ ; and $var-prefix =

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Sorry for a newbie question, but I am getting tired of pulling my hair
out.  On and off, I have been trying to configure mailman for use with
two small lists for a small non-profit for several months.

I installed mailman through the mandrake 10.2 (Mandrivia LE2005) RPMs.
I can't get the thing to work, because that installation varies
significantly from the manual and the faq.

>From what I am able to determine;

$prefix = /usr/lib/mandrake/
$var-prefix = /var/lib/mandrake/
uid = mail
gid = mail

OK so far.  What else does that urpmi installation do?  I think that it
creates the initial mailman list.  Does it configure apache and postfix?

>From what I am running into, I am worried about following the steps in
the install manual, since mandrake is doing everything differently.
Anyone know of a good mandrake+mailman howto faq?

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