[Mailman-Users] slow delivery times

Brad Knowles brad at stop.mail-abuse.org
Fri May 6 14:27:30 CEST 2005

At 1:02 PM +0100 2005-05-06, Paul Key wrote:

>  I am having a problem of delayed or slow delivery of emails of a list
>  with around 1600 subscribers.

	Have you read through the FAQ, or searched the FAQ for terms like 

>                                 Below is an Exim log for a small
>  testlist.  Where does the <= testlist-bounces at mailman.sghms.ac.uk come
>  from?

	That's the envelope sender that Mailman uses when sending out 
mail for a mailing list named "testlist at mailman.sghms.ac.uk".

>         I assume mailman sends this - what is it for?

	So that any bounces will come back to the correct address where 
Mailman can automatically process them.

>                                                        can it be turned
>  off?

	Not without breaking Mailman, no.

>        could it slow the list processing down and so the delivery of emails?


>  Any other ideas as to why the mailman is sending out emails slowly over
>  a long period of time and how delivery can be speeded up?

	See above.  Search the FAQ for terms like "performance".

	Since you're using Exim as your MTA, all performance tuning 
questions regarding it should be directed towards their mailing 
lists, and you should also search their online documentation, FAQs, 

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