[Mailman-Users] 1 pblm & 1 suggestion

Christophe Meessen christophe at meessen.net
Wed May 11 10:18:25 CEST 2005


I just created a list yesterday and this morning I recevied a message at 
8:00 saying I have -1 request to process.
When I check the page there are no requests. I then flagged mys self as 
moderated and sent a mail. I got the message informing me that there is 
a request to be processed. Everything worked fine.

Any idea where this -1 could come from ? How can I check if the list 
status/count is not corrupted ? Will it resynchronize it self 
automatically ?

The suggestion is for validating moderated mails. As a moderator we 
receive a mail with some short text in front and the mail to moderate as 
attachement. There is another mail attached at the end that suggest to 
reply to this mail to reject the moderated mail.  I would like to remove 
this mail and would prefer to have in the top of moderation mail a text

Reject: mailto:<...>
Accept: mailto:<....>

I know that the accept is unsecure and that it would be preferable to 
request a connection to the web page with password authentication. Could 
it be possible to do this for a specific list ?

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