[Mailman-Users] Weird issue sendmail + mailman + nis aliases

David Ambs dave at ambs.net
Fri May 13 18:39:53 CEST 2005

I'm working on setting up a new mailserver. I'm running sendmail 8.13.3, 
mailman 2.1.5, spamassassin, clamav and all of that. I've also got most of 
the mail aliases for users coming from an NIS map. The issue is that when 
I set up a mailman list, I'll subscribe a few users with with the full 
email address, user at blah.com. If I send an email to the list, the messages 
will drop when it gets tossed back to sendmail as 'Unknown user'. I 
believe the issue is where I have two aliases per user, such as
blah:	blah at machine1, blah at machine2.

If I have a user in NIS such as:
blah:	blah at machine1
or whatever, it will work with no problems. 
I'm not sure why this is failing... I've tried a few different things. If 
I set the list up as the first alias, everything works fine. Bypassing 
mailman and using pine/nail, everything works fine from the local host as 
well. Mailing between all other daemons and sendmail seem to be working 
properly, just anything going to a mailman list, with multiple aliases per 
user... Anyone ever seen anything like this? I initially thought it was a 
sendmail issue, but sendmail seems to be working fine for everything else. 
I'm just unsure how mailman would fit into the issue... It's bouncing 
right when it tosses the mail back to sm-mta... I also thought maybe it 
was an issue in submit.cf with the AliasFile definition, I added an NIS 
map to that line as well, no change...

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