[Mailman-Users] shunt dir and "Uncaught runner exception"

Brad Knowles brad at stop.mail-abuse.org
Sat May 14 23:34:05 CEST 2005

At 5:14 PM -0400 2005-05-14, Charles Sprickman wrote:

>  Now, does anyone have any clue what the error messages below mean?
>  Judging by the number of shunted messages, this happens fairly often.  The
>  "I/O error" leads me towards permsissions, but on what?

	I'd have to check the code, but from reading the traceback it 
seems to me like there was some sort of error writing to the log 
files.  What is the ownership and permissions for the Mailman "logs" 
directory, all the log files within that directory, etc...?  How full 
is that filesystem?  How large are those log files?

>  Lastly, what are ".pck" files?  How can I examine these as they show up?

	Those are the Python "pickle" files which contain binary data 
regarding the message.  Use the "show_qfiles" program in 
/usr/local/mailman/bin.  For example, from the /usr/local/mailman 
directory, do the following:

		% bin/show_qfiles qfiles/shunt/*.pck

	However, if the "pickle" file is causing errors of this sort, 
then show_qfiles may come back with errors as well -- you'll just 
have to give it a try.

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