[Mailman-Users] Mailman - majordomo in cascade

Oliver Schulze L. oliver at samera.com.py
Mon May 16 14:42:34 CEST 2005

Hi Mark,
many thanks for the reply.

Will start the test with this info.


Mark Sapiro wrote:

>>Oliver Schulze L. wrote:
>>>I have this question:
>>>There are 2 list, mine and another one in majordomo.
>>>I want that if someone post an email to the majordomo list, a copy
>>>is sended to my mailman list.
>>>It would be like my list is subscribed to the majordomo list.
>>>I worry about duplicating email and infinite loops, thats why
>>>I have not tested it yet.
>Caveat: I don't know majordomo.
>You can subscribe your Mailman list to the majordomo list. So far there
>is no loop. Your issues are:
>- users who are members of both list get duplicates of posts to the
>majordomo list.
>- you have to set up your Mailman lists to accept the messages from
>majordomo. This can be tricky. You may need to subscribe the "envelope
>sender" of the majordomo list to your Mailman list with delivery
>>>If this works, then it would be nice to implement the other way:
>>>if someone post in my mailman list, a copy is sended to the majordomo list.
>Now you have the complement of the above situation plus a potential
>loop. Mailman adds an X-BeenThere: header with the list address in it
>to prevent looping. Thus when you post to Mailman and the post goes to
>majordomo and then comes back to Mailman, the X-BeenThere: will
>prevent it going out a second time *provided* that majordomo hasn't
>munged it.
>Assuming majordomo does nothing to prevent looping (I said I don't kmow
>majordomo), the above works for a post to Mailman, but a post to
>majordomo would go to Mailman and be sent to majordomo a second time
>and go out from majordomo a second time before being discarded by
>Mailman because of the X-BeenThere:.
>If majordomo has loop prevention that doesn't conflict with Mailman
>(Mailman is OK with multiple X-BeenThere: headers), then there should
>be no loops.
>The worst possibility is if majordomo has no loop protection *and*
>strips Mailman's X-BeenThere:. Then you'd have an infinite loop.
>You need to check this with someone who knows majordomo *and* test it
>first with small test lists.
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