[Mailman-Users] Outbound smtp email problems (qmail problems)

Brad Knowles brad at stop.mail-abuse.org
Mon May 16 16:11:26 CEST 2005

At 11:48 PM -0500 2005-05-15, Matt England wrote:

>  Another note:
>  /usr/lib/sendmail is a qmail executable disguised as sendmail for
>  backwards-compatibility.

	Unfortunately for you, qmail was never designed to be a drop-in 
replacement for sendmail.  If you want to use qmail, you've got to 
drink all the djb kool-aid and completely replace everything in your 
OS for which there is a djb equivalent.

	Postfix is the only MTA that I know of that *was* designed to be 
a drop-in replacement for sendmail -- at least, as much as is 
possible.  If you want to learn more about postfix, I'll be glad to 
give you my summary of why it's one of the best MTAs on the planet 
for use with mailing list servers, as well as point you at plenty of 
other resources that are likely to be useful to you.

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