[Mailman-Users] Outbound smtp email problems (qmail problems)

Matt England mengland at mengland.net
Mon May 16 18:57:22 CEST 2005

At 5/16/2005 09:11 AM, Brad Knowles wrote:
>At 11:48 PM -0500 2005-05-15, Matt England wrote:
>>  Another note:
>>  /usr/lib/sendmail is a qmail executable disguised as sendmail for
>>  backwards-compatibility.
>         Unfortunately for you, qmail was never designed to be a drop-in 
> replacement for sendmail.

That's not my understanding.  I've got /usr/lib/sendmail linked to a qmail 
gizmo, and it's been working for months now.  It says so in the qmail docs.

Is there something I'm missing?

Also, the Sendmail.py-based Mailman stuff appears to be working with no 
problems for me (other then the warnings from the Mailman developrs not to 
use it...which is why I'm in this investigation).


>         Postfix is the only MTA that I know of that *was* designed to be 
> a drop-in replacement for sendmail -- at least, as much as is 
> possible.  If you want to learn more about postfix, I'll be glad to give 
> you my summary of why it's one of the best MTAs on the planet for use 
> with mailing list servers, as well as point you at plenty of other 
> resources that are likely to be useful to you.

Yes, this is a viable option.  What more can you tell me and/or what 
references can you give me?  I invite you to take conversation "offline" 
from the list if that's more appropriate?

One curiosity:  I'm curious if Postfix can support virtual domains as well 
as qmail can?  (Maybe that's hard to answer if one does not know 
qmail.)  When I first looked at Postfix, the seemingly massive amount of 
script/config-file setup was completely overwhelming to me...or was that 
exim I was checking out?  There was some specific set of reasons why I 
chose qmail over Postfix, but I can't remember them.  The fact that 
yahoo.com and smtp.com both seem to be qmail-based systems have a large 
pull with me, though; I get the impression Postfix hasn't been around the 
block as long as qmail, but that does not mean that it's not stable.

Did I just start a postfix-vs-qmail rat hole?  (That could probably help 
me, but it may take away from the list.)


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