[Mailman-Users] mailman.pid

John Fleming john at wa9als.com
Tue May 17 23:46:44 CEST 2005

I did a mondoarchive of my whole server to CDs today, and afterward noticed 

1.  On the server I backed up, Mailman was not running after backup.  When I 
tried to restart it, I got a message about no mailman.pid and no Mailman 
list.  I restored /var/lib/Mailman from a previous backup, and Mailman 
started and is running fine.

2.  I also used today's backup CD to "nuke" another machine I have that 
makes it a clone of the primary.  On reboot after the restore procedure, I 
also got messages about Mailman not running and no pid file.  (As expected, 
since it is a clone of the first machine.)

Can you imagine anything about the pid file that would get trashed during a 
backup procedure?  I know this is a nonspecific question and maybe should be 
asked on the Mondo list, but I don't know much about the mailman.pid file so 
thought I'd ask about IT here.

Thanks any thoughts on this!  - John

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