[Mailman-Users] mailman holding non member emails before spamfilter rules apply - fix?

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Wed May 18 03:11:57 CEST 2005

Colby Walsworth wrote:
>I have mailman set to hold non-member posts to email list. I also have 
>all lists setup to discard any message the has been tagged as spam by 
>spammassassin. I have tried filtering on the {spam?} subject line and 
>also on the x-spamcheck headers. Unfortunately the lists grab the 
>message as a non-member post before it identifies it as spam so most of 
>my held messages are spam messages. Is there a way to change the order 
>of this so it will discard the spam messages before it checks for 

How are you checking Subject: and/or X-Spamcheck* headers? If you are
using header_filter_rules and have not modified the GLOBAL_PIPELINE or
set a pipeline attribute for the list, the header_filter_rules should
be checked before anything else. If this is the case, and the spam
isn't being handled according to your rule's action, maybe your rules
are not correctly constructed.

If you are using bounce_matching_headers, this is checked after list
membership and the various *_these_nonmembers tests, and it results an
a held message anyway, not a reject or discard.

bounce_matching_headers is called "Legacy anti-spam filters" because
it's only for compatibility with something from the past.

Note also that the entries for header_filter_rules and for
bounce_matching_headers don't have the same meaning. For example, an
entry of

subject: .*spam.*

in bounce_matching_headers means match the contents of the subject:
header against the regexp '.*spam.*' while the same entry in
header_filter_rules means match the entire message header string
against the regexp 'subject: .*spam.*'.

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