[Mailman-Users] erroneous tabs in long digest subject lines

Misc. misc at vortex.com
Wed May 18 05:28:32 CEST 2005

Greetings.  On digests automatically generated by the mailman system, I'm
finding that long subject lines are having tabs inserted into them in
unexpected ways in the topic summary, often related to commas.  For example,
on a message that had the subject line:

Subject: this is a test of a longer, subject line, longer yet

and which was formatted properly in the non-digest distribution
of the message, the digest version looks like this:

Today's Topics:

   1.  this is a test of a longer, subject line,        longer yet
      (testtest at vortex.com)

In this case, a tab has appeared between the comma and "longer".  Also,
there are some inconsistencies in the way that Subjects folded onto a second
line are indented in the topics summary (i.e., the second line of different
subjects in the "Today's Topic" may not all be indented exactly the same
amount), but the erroneous tab is a bigger problem and is the one I'd really
like to nab, since it is significantly breaks the format and is happening so
frequently.  I've looked at the ToDigest and Utils.wrap routines and don't
see an obvious cause.

Any clues?  Thanks very much.

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