[Mailman-Users] Setting max_message_size for selected list viawithlist

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Thu May 19 02:06:43 CEST 2005

Christopher Adams wrote:

>I would like to change the max_message_size for a group of lists. I plan to use withlist to do this. 
>I have the withlist command below and can do it with all lists or 1 list but am unsure how to do it 
>with a group of lists, whose names are currently in a text file. I probably could do it using a 
>shell script or something, but I am guessing that withlist probably accepts files for input, but how?

There is no option for withlist to directly process other than a single
list or all lists. To run a script via withlist on a subset of lists
contained in a file, you could use a shell script or modify your
withlist script along the lines of the following (off the top of my
head, really quick - no testing, no warranty)

### determines maximum message size allowed to select lists
### useage: withlist -l -r maxmessagesize
def maxmessagesize(m):
# open and read the list names file
   f = open('path to your file of names')
   l = f.read()
# is this list's name in the file
   if l.find(m._internal_name) >= 0:
      m.max_message_size = 500

One potential problem is it will process a list you don't want whose
name is a substring of the name of a list you do want.

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