[Mailman-Users] Automatic processing

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Thu May 19 21:36:49 CEST 2005

Sub Zero wrote:

>I had an over-quota message like this:
<message snipped>
>Where does mailman handle theese over-quota messages?

All bounces (messages to the listname-bounces address) are processed
through the pipeline of bounce handlers. The pipeline is defined and
implemented in Mailman/Bouncers/BouncerAPI.py and the handlers
themselves are also all in the Mailman/Bouncers/ directory.

>And here is a bounce:
<message snipped>
>Is there an how-to page to make a .py file for this one?

No. You have to look at the existing handlers (and also the .txt files
in tests/bounces/ for examples of the messages they recognize) to see
what they do.

>I know that .py is a python file. But what is this .pyc files? Are they
>compiled .py files? But how should I customise those if I find some similar

The *.pyc files (and possibly *.pyo files) are compiled versions of the
*.py files. You don't have to do anything about them. If you edit or
create a new .py file, Python will detect that the .py is newer than
the .pyc if any and automatically recompile.

If you make a custom handler, just write it to
Mailman/Bouncers/Meaningful_Name.py and add 'Meaningful_Name' to the
BOUNCE_PIPELINE list in Mailman/Bouncers/BouncerAPI.py and restart
Mailman to pick up the changes.

Note that if you don't have a current Mailman version, there might be
updates already in the latest version. 2.1.6 contains one very small
change to Mailman/Bouncers/Postfix.py. Other than that, 2.1.5 is
current. See
for the latest versions.

If you do create a new handler, please submit it as a patch to

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