[Mailman-Users] Easing the unsubscription

David Ocaña maiq at infobrok.es
Tue May 24 11:48:33 CEST 2005

Thanks Brad, actually somebody removed the non digest message footer, 
I've been searching the "List Administration Manual" and finally I've 
done this:

For enabling personalization and other options:


For including the message footer(non digest):

This mail was sent to %(user_address)s.
If you want to unsubscribe please email us to xxx-leave at foo.org or visit 

Brad Knowles escribió:

> At 10:33 AM +0200 2005-05-24, David Ocaña wrote:
>>  Is it possible to attach a message like "This mail was sent to
>>  xxx at domain.xxx. If you want to unsubscribe, please email us to
>>  xxx-leave at foo.org and from xxx at domain.xxx".
>     You mean, like the "Unsubscribe:" link that is put at the bottom 
> of every post to mailman-users -- including your own?
>     Try searching the FAQ Wizard for "personalization" and read all 
> the entries that are returned.

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