[Mailman-Users] Why are we seeing these errors?

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Tue May 24 21:00:37 CEST 2005

Gustine, Charity G. wrote:

>We just recently installed Mailman 2.1 on our Unix server. We have gone
>over the install document several times to see what we missed. We would
>like our users to be able to send an email to the list with subject
>subscribe. When we test this we never see the mail messages.
>It would appear that it is a domain issue. Here is what we see in the
>logs when we try to do this: 
>-----Original Message----- 
>From: "Postmaster" [mailto:"Postmaster" <mailto:> ] 
>Sent: Tuesday, May 24, 2005 10:20 AM 
>To: "Undisclosed Recipient" 
>Subject: Delivery Notification
><ztmp-request at bthnsoweb01.wnsnet.attws.com> 
>This is a delivery status notification, automatically generated by MTA
>extmail12.cingular.com on Tue, 24 May 2005 13:20:21 -0400 Regarding
>recipient(s) : ztmp-request at bthnsoweb01.wnsnet.attws.com
>Delivery status : Failed. Could not send the message. Domain address
><bthnsoweb01.wnsnet.attws.com> is not valid. Please consult your domain
>administrator to check the domain before sending the message again.

This looks like a DNS issue. There don't appear to be any MX or A
records for the domain. This has nothing to do with Mailman. Mail
can't be delivered to the domain.

>Message Information: 
>Sender : ron.wislen at cingular.com 
>Recipient : ztmp-request at bthnsoweb01.wnsnet.attws.com 
>MTA Response :510 
>The original message headers are included as attachment. 
>We are able to get confirmation, via email, when we create a new mailing
>When we subscribe to a list via the web site we successfully get
>subscribe and a confirmation email is sent back to the user, after about
>10 minutes. 
>We are seeing this message in /usr/local/mailman/logs 
>May 24 08:00:03 2005 (16988) delivery to
>ron-test-mailman-owner at servername.com failed with code 550: 5.1.1
><ron-test-mailman-owner at servername.com>... User unknown.

This one looks like an alias issue.

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