[Mailman-Users] /bin/sh: mailman: command not found

Kris Vassallo kris at linuxcertified.com
Wed May 25 00:19:44 CEST 2005

I am getting emails with the following error in the body of emails being
sent to the list owner:  
/bin/sh: mailman: command not found

The subject reads as follows: 
[Mailman] Cron <mailman at xxxxxxxx> mailman

The path is correct as I have copied and pasted the path listed in the
email to the terminal and the process seems to run fine. 

In this thread
someone suggested that "There is something wrong with the options you
used when you ran

configure. The command "mailman" indicated above should be the command

to invoke Python and it also normally has a -S option too." 

The thing is, this is an RPM package for fedora core 3 (2.1.5-32) so I
didn't do any configuring. I am not really understanding why this is
failing. Can anyone shed some light on this issue for me? 


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