[Mailman-Users] [install] set-gid bit

Peter Schnitzler peter at schnitzlers.de
Wed May 25 14:59:06 CEST 2005


i am trying to install mailman as a normal user on the system of my  
webhoster, because he does not have a mailsystem that good.

Even though i did:

chmod a+rx,g+ws mailmanrun/

I am still getting the following error.

checking permissions on /home/sites/www.afser.de/users/portal/ 
mailmanrun/... configure: error:
***** Installation directory /home/sites/www.afser.de/users/portal/ 
mailmanrun/ is not configured properly!
***** Set-gid bit must be set for directory: /home/sites/www.afser.de/ 

Does anybody know what to do?

greetings and thanks in advance
peter schnitzler

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