[Mailman-Users] archive indexed by google ?

Christophe Meessen christophe at meessen.net
Fri May 27 12:54:40 CEST 2005

Thank you for the answer. Sorry I should have checked the faq.

Now I have copied all the template files into lists/test/fr because it 
is french.
I modified all the html files with <head> to include link to personal 
favicon and added a banner with site logo just below the <body> tag.
I did the arch --wipe test and restarted qrunner.

This works well on most pages, though accessing the archives doesn't 
work anymore.

Here is what I see:
1°  since archives are private I get into a page where users have to 
provide a password.
2° just above the title bar (blue ribbon) there is a short text 
'%(message)s' showing up.
3° at end of blue ribbon instead of list name I see '%(realname)s'
4° when typing password and click button I see a web page with "Bad 
Request" message . The URL is .../test/%(action)s/

Another thing I noticed is that before I installed the files, when I 
accessed the archive page I would see a page in english instead of a 
french page. Don't know where this comes from and wanted to solve this 
anyway. I thought this could be a hint for an upstream problem or 

I don't think I messed up with template files since I only insterted text.

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