[Mailman-Users] Upgrade Apache, break web access?

JB Segal jailbait at gmail.com
Sat May 28 04:31:12 CEST 2005

I feel like a total idiot for having to ask this, but there's nothing
presenting itself, either in increased logging levels, the archives,
the docs or my instinct.

I'll also note that this MIGHT be an apache problem.

FreeBSD 4.9
Mailman both 2.1.3 and 2.1.5
Python 2.3 (#1, Jul  5 2004, 16:23:56)

With Apache 2.0.49, Mailman works.
With Apache 2.0.54, the web interface fails, but not in an obvious way.

When I submit a webform, nothing logs any errors - not apache, not
mailman, not syslog (When I tried upgrading to Mailman 2.1.5, I had
the syslog errors discussed in the faq and had to go back and set
different groups...), but nothing happens, either.

If I have a valid session cookie already set, I can navigate to any
given form, but I can not get any change to actually occur.

If I don't have the cookie set, or hit 'Logout', I can't log back IN.
(You know, that's a change.)

I've got apache set to Log_level debug.

I can't actually find where the mailman logging levels are set, not
really even sure if there are any TO be set. Maybe this is just
changing the invoked python instance to be more verbose? If so, how?
I'm not familiar with debugging (or even using, really) python.

The command-line utilites still work just fine.

I don't know. Searching the archives for 'fail silently' 'verbose log'
and other such things haven't helped. I'll happily accept pointers to
more useful searches, or the the right FM section, or whatever.

Thank you all, in advance.


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