[Mailman-Users] lost and confused

KENNEY, William P. (Info. Tech. Services) KenneyW at easternct.edu
Sat May 28 16:38:28 CEST 2005

Hello all,

I need some help getting Mailman up and running. I have read the install
docs and have some partial success with a Sendmail configuration last
year (I finally gave up and stayed with MD & Sendmail on an Alpha), but
no joy with postfix currently. I want to use postfix as the MTA and
Mailman as the list server as it ships with the OS, as does Apache 2.0.
My system configuration is as follows:

Intel-based server running RHEL 4.0

So far, Apache works but will need to point to the Mailman pages. This I
have no problem with.

I can send mail from the command line but can't receive mail. I have
read the docs for postfix's main.cf but it doesn't make much sense, so I
need to be pointed in the right direction here.

Any help greatly appreciated,


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