[Mailman-Users] Resetting digest option for all subscribers

Joshua Beall jbeall at heraldic.us
Sat May 28 17:27:37 CEST 2005

Hi All,

Is there a way to globally reset the digest option to "on" or "off" for all 
subscribers?  I have an announce-style list that gets at most 1 message per 
month, and we've had a few people that for some reason set themselves to 
digest.  Now those people are complaining that they're getting a digest but 
it only has one message in it.  It's a 5000+ member list, and 68 people have 
set themselves to digest mode.

So, if I was smart I would have just disabled digest from the beginning, but 
I didn't.  Now if I disable it, the digest members will not receive mail.  I 
can't really just count on them to turn it off themselves - I'm sure *then* 
I'd eventually get complaints that they weren't getting the monthly 
newsletter anymore.  I'd rather not manually go through all 68 of the digest 
members and reset them.  Is there a way I can simple reset the digest option 
for all current subscribers?  I couldn't seem to find this option anywhere.

Thanks for any help!


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