[Mailman-Users] Fwd: Re: Fwd:Bounce action notification

Jared Rimer jrimer at tagline.cc
Sat Nov 5 03:20:03 CET 2005

Hi all,
         Here's  a message from my provider.  Any other ideass?
>I'm not sure I can give you any more information than what was
>contained in that thread.
>Basically, it sounds like one of the list members has their email
>address configured to only allow mail from people in their address
>book.  This sounds like some sort of 0spam or box trapper.  So, since
>that person apparently does not have the list address in their address
>book or white list, the mail from the list bounces.  However, it's not
>a standard bounce message which can be recognized by Mailman, so
>Mailman tries to notify the list owner.
>As in that response, I don't understand exactly why this notification
>isn't successful, but something causes that not to be delivered to the
>yahoo address, generating a bounce response for that address which
>then gets treated like a member, because it is, and gets disabled.
>I think there are 2 things that can be done:  First, the person using
>the box trapper can be removed from the list until they get their act
>together.  Second, you can turn off notification of unrecognized
>bounce messages.
>It wasn't clear to me why the notification of the unrecognized bounce
>report wasn't delivered successfully, but if the experts on the
>Mailman list couldn't tell you, I'm sure I wouldn't have a clue.  If
>you want to follow through on this further, you need to ask them why
>Mailman would treat a list owner's rejection as a member's rejection
>Out of curiosity, is there any sort of box trapper running on the
>wooklake_el_school at yahoo.com address?  Therein might lie the problem
>if that address is not accepting mail from the host
>idea5.anoeticconcepts.com since Mailman apparently uses the host name
>rather than the "preferred domain" for some of its delivery

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