[Mailman-Users] One member not receiving e-mails...

Jon D. Slater Jon.Slater at LPBroadband.Net
Mon Nov 14 17:41:39 CET 2005

Can someone suggest how I'd go about tracking down this problem...

I have a list of 52 members.  Of that list, there is 1 e-mail address 
that never receives e-mail from the server.  (The other 51 work fine.)

This 1 e-mail address (I'll call it 'blahblahblah at msn.com') is an MSN 
e-mail address (if that matters).

I have other MSN members and they *are* receiving mailings.

To date, I've never had a message bounce back from 
'blahblahblah at msn.com', and they claim they *aren't* being delivered to 
their "Junk Mail Folder".

How would I start trying to trace this down?  Is there a log something 
that might tell me if Mailman is, at least, trying to send them e-mail?



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