[Mailman-Users] having trouble getting webpages to come up

Eric Evans eje4 at cornell.edu
Fri Nov 18 20:42:17 CET 2005

Right after I first installed Mailman I created a new list called 
mailman.  I would think that then I should be able to access the Mailman 
admin page for this list by using a URL like 
http://my.host.com/mailman/admin/mailman/  Is that right?  When I do this I 
get an "Internal Server Error" message.  Does anyone have any idea what 
might cause that?


>What connects mailman to apache can be answered two ways, both are
>1) The proper URL, which makes sure you're connected to the right
>server, and it has the right path to get to the mailman cgi.
>2) Apache must understand the path part of the URL is to be directed to
>mailman's cgi, this is what ScriptAlias does.
>For example:
>the myserver.example.com part of the URL directs to the web server on
>the node myserver in the domain example.com
>provided that's the right web server and its apache then apache looks at
>the path part of the URL, which is:
>ScriptAlias /mailman/ /usr/local/lib/mailman/cgi-bin/
>ScriptAlias tells apache that paths which have mailman should be
>translated so that mailman is replaced by the cgi location and executed.
>In this case the cgi location is /usr/local/lib/mailman/cgi-bin, it will
>try to find the script "listinfo" in that directory because that is the
>next part of the path and it will pass "mylist" as a parameter.
>See the following doc:
>John Dennis <jdennis at redhat.com>

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