[Mailman-Users] virtuel domains + list-owner notification

Maik Weidemann maillings at jg-service.de
Sat Nov 19 15:28:28 CET 2005

Hello Mark,

thank you for your mail.

Mark Sapiro schrieb:

>Likewise, mail to either
>mailman-bounces at jg-service.de or mailman-bounces at juweb.de should be
>properly delivered as a site list bounce. I think this may require
>manually adding mailman at juweb.de and mailman-*@juweb.de entries in the
>'virtual-mailman' file and similarly for any additional virtual
>domains you may create in the future.
Manually adding emailadress to 'virtual-mailman' is not a good idea,
because this file was generate automatically by mailman. Therefore
change the Postfix.py script, which was use to generate the
'virtual-mailman' file. So I add additional to the mailman LOOP-adresse
the mailman-bounces-adresse for all virtuel domains. The problem at this
result is, that the mailman-list can not have a virtual domain.


PS: I hope my english is not too bad... :)

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