[Mailman-Users] Quick question ..

Rob Poe rob at poeweb.com
Thu Nov 24 20:57:20 CET 2005

Sounds like more of a "throw the baby out with the bathwater" service.

Not ideal, IMO.

Maybe the user could whitelist the address of the mailing list (or the whole
domain I use, perhaps)...

It's an unmodified installation of Mailman.  only 0.0.1 versions behind what's
running this list :0

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> In a flurry of recycled electrons, Rob Poe wrote:
> > I'm running Mailman for a list, and one of my subscribers is getting 
> > this message from spamalert.net
> > 
> > (VIRUS) Re: [CWC] Fuel Tank Removal
> >    Received: Wednesday, Nov 23, 2005 at 9:03pm
> >    To: *******@*******.com  (removed) <mailto:mjpuetz at copper.net>
> >    From:  <******@*******.com <mailto:danriffle at yahoo.com>>
> >    Description: Outlook "CR" vulnerability
> >    This message was deleted and cannot be retrieved.
> > 
> > He said if the person sends directly to him, he gets the message just 
> > fine.  It's when it bounces through Mailman that it picks up this error..
> Checking on the error in question, (Outlook "CR" vulnerability), 
> something is slipping in a naked <cr> character into the message 
> header. Check all your configs for one of them. Also, is there a 
> '\r' in there somewhere?
> Python question- if you use a backslash at the end of a line in a string
> literal, can that bury a <cr> in the text?
> Are you using a MAC, BTW? (Uses <cr> as EOL character.)
> > I'm perplexed now. :/
> Reading spamalert's "support" page, I'm not surprised. It's more of 
> a "no support" page...
> z!
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