[Mailman-Users] Using mailman usernames and passwords as apache2 auth

The Doctor What list.mailman at docwhat.gerf.org
Sat Oct 1 20:13:29 CEST 2005

I want to provide some extra services for people who sign up for
specific mailman lists.

Is there a way to have apache2 Auth* directives query username and
password from mailman?

I was imagining something like:

<Location /foo>
   AuthType Basic
   AuthName "Some service"
   AuthMailManList FooList
   require valid-user

Thanks for your help!

  Specifically, I wanted to let mailing list subscribers access a
  matching TRAC project.  This way, I don't have to let anonymous
  have write access to everything (I know the search-engine-linking
  idiots and spammers will fill the wiki and such with crap).  But
  at the same time, I can let nearly anyone edit the wiki and I know
  that the user has a valid email address.

  I could just write a "registration" application to send the email,
  verify the result, write it to a DB and all that junk myself, but
  mailman *has* all this code and the database of users is nearly
  the same, if not the same.  So why write duplicate code to
  duplicate the data!

  I have one possible work around which I'm not keen to impliment.
  I could just write a python script to do a "list_lists" and then
  pull out the users and passwords and put them in a database
  compatible with Apache (either a postgresql db or a .htpasswd file
  or something).  That *is* assuming I can pull passwords out of
  mailman, either as plaintext or something I can hash to (like
  md5sum) to put in the apache source.


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