[Mailman-Users] Send mail on subdomain

Arjen Stet AStet at VluchtelingenWerk.nl
Wed Oct 5 09:46:29 CEST 2005

To whom it may concern,

We recently installed Mailman and tested it. After an ok we moved the lot to
a subdomain so that it did not interfere with the regular mail. In the
settings the subdomain is set in the field "host_name". But whenever someone
would subscribe to the list the mail comes from the main-domain (wich has
never been used with Mailman). Did we miss a setting somewhere or is it not
possible to use a subdomain?

In detail:
We started on domain 'domainX.nl'
We transferred to domain 'news.domainY.nl'
It sends out e-mail from the domain 'domainY.nl'
odd to say the least..

Any comments that could be helpful would be appreciated.


Arjen Stet

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