[Mailman-Users] Requests for Mailman drop in my mailbox

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Thu Oct 6 05:41:11 CEST 2005

Peter Riess wrote:
>I just started to install Mailman. The webinterface is running in the 
>meanwhile and confirmation requests will be send out. If the users are 
>confirming via webinterface it works. But if the users want to do 
>something with the mail interface these mails will fall into my mailbox 
>and will not be handled from mailman.
>I'm running a Linux with SuSE 9.3 at home but don't have a normal mail 
>server. I'm using fetchmail to poll my providers mail server and use 
>postfix for further processing together with cyrus imap.

I'm not sure how this is set up and as Brad says in another reply, the
details are really beyond the scope of this list, but here's what you
need to have happen.

Mail can be addressed to the following addresses:

LISTNAME at example.com
LISTNAME-admin at example.com
LISTNAME-bounces at example.com
LISTNAME-confirm at example.com
LISTNAME-join at example.com
LISTNAME-leave at example.com
LISTNAME-owner at example.com
LISTNAME-request at example.com
LISTNAME-subscribe at example.com
LISTNAME-unsubscribe at example.com

where LISTNAME is a list name and example.com is your email domain. For
any mail the is sent with envelope to any of the above addresses, when
it reaches the box with your Mailman installation, it must be piped to
the mail wrapper with the respective action and list arguments as

|path_to/mail/mailman post LISTNAME
|path_to/mail/mailman admin LISTNAME
|path_to/mail/mailman bounces LISTNAME
|path_to/mail/mailman confirm LISTNAME
|path_to/mail/mailman join LISTNAME
|path_to/mail/mailman leave LISTNAME
|path_to/mail/mailman owner LISTNAME
|path_to/mail/mailman request LISTNAME
|path_to/mail/mailman subscribe LISTNAME
|path_to/mail/mailman unsubscribe LISTNAME

Note that it is the envelope recipient that should determine the action
and listname arguments, not any To: or other header in the message.

Normally, this is done via aliases in the incoming MTA of the form

LISTNAME: "|path_to/mail/mailman post LISTNAME"
LISTNAME-admin: "|path_to/mail/mailman admin LISTNAME"

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