[Mailman-Users] Munged addresses

Robert Morse bob at morsemedia.net
Tue Oct 18 05:49:35 CEST 2005

I have a list running on our server that when you ask for the entire list
the firse 25 or so listed are munged. Here's an example

#PreReg442-1212nstreufert at earthlink.netfrasherhsustudent668-1768starif

You can see that there is an actual email address in there, which when
searched on returns a valid address. I would like to get rid of these munged
addresses, but when I check the box to unsubscribe them, I get a message
back that says the subscriber is not listed. Some are much longer, some ae
shorter. Any way I can get rid of these things?
Bob Morse
Morse Media

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