[Mailman-Users] Cannot View Subscribers' List - Mailman 2.1.5

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Wed Oct 19 17:50:30 CEST 2005

Web User Support wrote:
> >Is the roster available to list members or only to the admin? (it says
> >on the listinfo page) See private roster on Privacy
> >options...Subscription rules.
>It's set to admin-only and she *is* one of them. I also re-set her admin 
>password, but without success.

The admin e-mail addresses mean nothing to mailman other than being
addresses to which admin e-mail is sent. The only thing that
identifies an admin to the mailman web interface is knowledge of the
list admin password.

Are you saying she can log on to the admin interface and do list admin
functions, but she can't see the roster using the exact same password?

What happens if she goes to the admin General Options page and after
logging in, goes directly to a URL which is the same except 'admin' is
replaced by 'roster'? Or for that matter, after logging in as admin,
just goes to the listinfo page and clicks 'Visit Subscriber List'
without filling in any address or password?

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