[Mailman-Users] Problems with bounces and qmail+mailman+vpopmail

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Wed Oct 19 19:47:32 CEST 2005

David Cuenca <mmlist at infobrok.es>
   Date: Wed, 19 Oct 2005 12:27:27 +0200
     To: mailman-users at python.org

>Every day, in my server mailman registers new bounces and stablishes new 
>scores. But there are bounces that never arrives to mailman, because 
>some times, at some point, the addresses become wrong. Then, qmail sends 
>me (postmaster) a message notifying that a bounce could not been sent.
>Some times in this failure notice I can read that the original bounce 
>was sent to:
>mylist-bounces-client=clientdomain at lists.mydomain.com

Are you sure? If you haven't changed VERP_PROBE_FORMAT in mm_cfg.py,
this should be

mylist-bounces+client=clientdomain at lists.mydomain.com

If you have changed the '+' to '-' in VERP_PROBE_FORMAT in mm_cfg.py,
you should remove that change, and fix whatever problem caused you to
change it in qmail and not in Mailman.
>but afterwards qmail-send says:
>Hi. This is the qmail-send program at servername.mydomain.com.
>I tried to deliver a bounce message to this address, but the bounce bounced!
><mylist-bounces-client=clientdomail at servername.mydomain.com>:
>Sorry, no mailbox here by that name. (#5.1.1)
>Not to lists.mydomain.com!!! And of course, mailman never receive this 
>Another times the original bounce is sent to
>mylist-bounces-client=clientdomain at servername.mydomain.com  WRONG!!
>I have followed these instructions: 

Did you do the fix_url part for existing lists?

>And I have:
>.qmail-default with:
>	|preline /usr/bin/python /usr/local/mailman/bin/qmail-to-mailman.py
>.qmail-mylist-bounces-default with:
>	|preline /usr/local/mailman/mail/mailman bounces myslist
>That works fine with some bounces.

It's working with normal bounces, but not with the VERP like probe

>The other problem I posted last October 10, 2005, related with this one, 
>is still not solved :_(

This is the same as the first issue above and it is a qmail issue. Did
you see my reply to your post of Oct 10 which is at

I am not including you as an addressee of this reply as I normally
would in the hope that you are receiving from the list at least. If
you did see the above reply, what didn't you understand?

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