[Mailman-Users] Strange errors

Dan Szkola szkola at tanis.cso.niu.edu
Fri Oct 21 15:35:38 CEST 2005

Mark Sapiro wrote:

>Dan Szkola wrote:
>>The python 2.4.1 was compiled from source and is the only python version 
>>on the box.
>In a later post, you say it wasn't, but you removed the Sun Gnome
>Python 2.3. I hope that fixes it, but I doubt it will.
It did not. It was doubtful mailman could find that python, due to it 
being in
/usr/sfw, but one never knows for sure.

>Here's something else to try if it fails again. As the mailman user in
>the /usr/local/mailman directory, give the command
>python2.4 -S /usr/local/mailman/scripts/admin listname <file
>Except for the fact that this doesn't edit the environment passed to
>the script, it is the same as invoking the script from the wrapper. If
>it works, it will produce an 'unrecognized bounce' which will be
>forwarded to the list owner if the option to do so is selected. If it
>doesn't work, it will produce a similar output to the above, but the
>key is that if it doesn't work, we'll know that the problem, even
>though fixed by restarting sendmail and not by restarting Mailman,
>occurs even though sendmail doesn't directly invoke the script via the
>wrapper. If it does work, we'll know that it involves the script being
>invoked through the wrapper.
It did work, 5 straight times I got the normal "Uncaught bounce 
notification" message.

>You could then try
>/usr/local/mailman/mail/mailman admin listname <file
>to see if it occurs when you rather than sendmail invoke the wrapper,
>but this has to be done from the group that sendmail uses, i.e., the
>group that the wrapper expects to be invoked by. Otherwise, the
>wrapper will complain because this is exactly the security violation
>the wrapper is supposed to catch.
Same here, works every time, sending the "Uncaught bounce notification" 

Only seems to happen when run by the sendmail process.

Dan Szkola
Sr Unix Systems Programmer
Northern Illinois University

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