[Mailman-Users] old files in the shunt queue directory

Steve Lindemann steve at marmot.org
Fri Oct 21 19:09:48 CEST 2005

Courtesy of this list I latched onto the Mailman daily status report 
script.  Consequently I'm now aware of something I wasn't before...

I have 85 files in the shunt queue directory, most dated from 2 thru 4 
May and a pair dated 25 Aug.  They are all data files, so I can't simply 
'more' thru them for content.  The few I checked with 'strings' (and the 
old dates) lead me to believe they can all be trashed.

Is it safe to simply delete files from ../mailman/qfiles/shunt?

I have tried to find out for myself about what shunt is and what I can 
do with the directory, but there isn't much info available.  All I could 
find was to run ../bin/unshunt to handle the files.  But I don't want 
them handled, I want them gone.

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