[Mailman-Users] to verp or not to verp....

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Mon Oct 24 02:07:00 CEST 2005

Doc Schneider wrote:

>Doc Schneider wrote:
>>>In order to get VERP-like bounce reporting on digests, you need
>>>and as long as you're doing that, you might as well add
>>>so essentially everything gets VERPed.
>> Are these the only two I need to enable?
>> I did that and even restarted MM (2.1.6 not .5 like I had said)
>> And looking at the headers I can find nothing to indicate it is working.
>> Am I just blind?
>Nevermind I had to also enable the personalization for VERP since I use 
>that a lot!

My mistake.

As you have discovered, VERP'd delivery for a personalized list is
controlled by VERP_PERSONALIZED_DELIVERIES and not by
VERP_DELIVERY_INTERVAL. This is true even for VERPing the delivery of
digests for a personalized list even though the digests aren't

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