[Mailman-Users] attachments are not scrubbed

Saulius saulius at azuolas.org
Mon Oct 24 08:05:14 CEST 2005


> messages sent to non-digest subscribers. If this was the case in your
> 2.1.4, you must have had a local patch to do it which was 'removed'
> when you upgraded to 2.1.5.

Hm, I don't remember exactly the version of mailman but it really worked 
'out of box'.

> if not GLOBAL_PIPELINE.count('Scrubber'):
>     GLOBAL_PIPELINE.insert(GLOBAL_PIPELINE.index('MimeDel') + 1,
>                            'Scrubber')

Thanks. I put it into mm_cfg.py and everything works agains: attachments 
are scrubbed from non-digest mails.


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