[Mailman-Users] bounce-events

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Tue Oct 25 02:34:55 CEST 2005

kalin mintchev wrote:
>i found (and deleted) a bunch of relatively big bounce-events-* files
>under the data directory.
>on line i found a  posting citing:
>- your bounce queue runner isn't running
>as a possible reason for why these files are piling up there.
>i do have the qrunner on but which one is the "bounce queue runner"?!

I see from your followup that you determined that the bounce runner has
died. This could cause at most one orphaned bounce-events-nnnnn.pck
file. These files, where nnnnn is the pid of the bounce runner are
both written and periodically processed and deleted by the bounce
runner, so if the bounce runner is not running, new files won't be
created and at most one file can be left behind.

When the bounce runner is restarted (via Mailman being restarted or
whatever), it likely gets a new pid so the old file is orphaned.
Clearly this has happened more than once in your case as you had
several orphaned files.

There may be entries in Mailman's qrunner log noting when the bounce
runner died and there may be associated error log entries that might
help determine why.

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