[Mailman-Users] basic email interface to mailman

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Wed Oct 26 02:14:57 CEST 2005

bARRY wrote:

>   I am interested in the basic email interface to mailman.  Not for my
>subscribers, but for purposes of scripting some of the lists management.

There essentially isn't one.

>  I have easily determined the email address to reach this interface for my
>lists, and of the 'help' and 'help set' commands to get the list of
>commands for interfacing with mailman by email.  But I hope/think there
>must be more supported than is in that list.

Only email approval/denial of held posts and requests. That's about it.
And that requires admin_immed_notify be set to Yes so the
admin/moderator will get a notice with a confirm token in it.

>  In particular, I see how to subscribe someone by new email address, but
>not how to set the associated 'name' for the subscriber...  data that is
>kept/supported/shown in the web interface.  Is it not supported?

If a user subscribes him/herself, the real name is taken from the From:
header of the e-mail. If anyone subscribes a different address via the
address= option on an e-mail subscribe command, no real name can be
specified. Note that if the list is set for subscription confirmation,
a confirmation of this request is sent to the address to be added, no
matter who submits the request. It really is not designed for admin

>  Is it in one of those 'documentation' items that I think I looked
>completely through?   :-)

No, you haven't overlooked it. Mailman is designed for web based list
administration only.

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