[Mailman-Users] Having mailman treat two domains as equal duringmigration...

Mike Cisar mlists at starmania.net
Fri Oct 28 20:54:06 CEST 2005

Hi Mark,

> >I'm hoping someone on the list may be able to tell me if this a) is 
> >really a one-liner and b) roughly where to look at inserting the 
> >'one-liner' in order to acchieve the required result.
> Well, maybe a two liner :)
> Aside --------------------------
> Actually, John Dennis' reply suggesting rewriting the address 
> in the MTA is a good one. The way I read your original, his 
> concern about replies is not relevant as I think you said the 
> users already receive mail addressed to either domain.

Yes it's a sendmail configuration and it has actually been reconfigured
completely as the new domain with an alias for the old domain, so if users
are receiving mail to either address it ends up in the same mailbox.
Rewriting in the MTA is definitely something I had not thought of, but your
two-liner looks much easier ;-)  Rule #1 in configuring sendmail... if it's
working don't touch it :-)

> From: user at new.domain, or if you just want user at old.domain to 
> be considered equivalent to user at new.domain for the purpose 
> of validating list membership for posting.

That's it, that's the one :-)  Basically all of the user memberships will be
converted for the new domain, and we just don't want posts to get held for
the people who are 'less than prompt' in reconfiguring their email clients
during the transition.  

> The easy one is the latter, so for that I would look at 
> Mailman/Message.py in the get_sender() and get_senders() 
> methods. In get_sender(), I would do the replacement in 
> 'address' just before
>  <snip>
> This will also cause other messages (e.g. auotoresponses and 
> "your message awaits approval") to go to the new domain, but 
> I gather that is not a problem.

Will give this a try and see how it goes :-)

>>>>> Mike <<<<<

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