[Mailman-Users] Bouncing admins

Jared Rimer jrimer at tagline.cc
Sat Oct 29 03:30:12 CEST 2005

At 18:23 10/28/2005, you wrote:
>Jared Rimer wrote:
> >I don't have my copy any more,  but this has been the problem since
> >we've moved.  Shall I re-enable the option to send notifications and
> >when I get another one send it to the list?
>You can do that.
>If you're willing to experiment, answers to the following questions
>would be interesting and helpful.
>What does the full 'bounce action notice' look like, complete with all
>headers and attached parts?

That's all there is, I'll have to get a copy to show you anything else new.

>How often does this occur?

Maybe once a week or two since this occurred.

>Is the subscription really disabled (I think you said no)?

No, the subscription is not disabled.

>What happens if bounce processing is turned off for the list?

I don't think we'd get bounces that were lidigament if address were 
inactive or something no?

>If you have access to Mailman's bounce log, what's there associated
>with this address?

That I don't we're running under Cpannel.

>I guess it is possible that there is some wierd alias loop causing
>this, but I can't think how. I only say that because the member's user
>name is apparently the same as the list name although the domains are

Then why isn't my address bounce?  We have changed addresses in the 
past, the hotmail address bounced with the same as before.

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