[Mailman-Users] Trimming archives

Darren G Pifer dpifer at odu.edu
Mon Oct 31 15:10:02 CET 2005


       In reviewing posts to this mailing list, I found that it is not
possible to prune the archives. However, we will need to do something
shortly because the filesystem that we have mailman on is now 84% full,
mostly due to the growing archives. We are using LVM under Linux and I
can increase the space but I would like to see if we can compress any
older files in the archive directory first. For instance, we have one
mbox, ./archives/private/opr.mbox/opr.mbox that is 700MB is growing
everyday. It is our operators list. Can I gzip it and create a new
opr.mbox by touching it? Also, there are some text files
./archives/private/opr/2005-October.txt that is 500+ MB. Can .txt files
compressed and still useable by the system? Is anybody doing anything to
archive older, unused mailman archives to tape? We use Tivoli (TSM) here
and wanted to know if anybody has something automated for this.


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