[Mailman-Users] Some "General Options" changes not saving

Jocelyn K. jocelyn-admin at webpulse.com
Fri Sep 2 01:53:50 CEST 2005

My husband installed Mailman last night and now I'm trying to make changes 
in the "General Options" of the administration page.  For some reason, some 
of my changes are not saving.

I'm trying to add a prefix in the "Prefix for subject line of list 
postings" box and I'm also trying to change the Reply-to so that it is 
directed to "This List".  When I click the Submit your changes button, it 
saves it in the administration page.  BUT when I actually go and type an 
email to the list, it doesn't add the prefix I created in the subject line, 
nor does it reply-to the list.

Any ideas what I'm missing???  I'm trying to have our list go "live" by 
Monday (Sept 5th), so I'm hoping to get this resolved by then.


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