[Mailman-Users] Web admin slow

Brad Knowles brad at stop.mail-abuse.org
Fri Sep 2 19:17:21 CEST 2005

At 5:47 PM +0100 2005-09-02, Jon Harris wrote:

>  I have a (bit aged) Redhat 9 box (Pentium II/512Mb RAM) running Mailman
>  2.1.6 with Postfix. Its only has to run a single moderated mailing list
>  sending out one email every day to around 20,000 subscribers.
>  Sending out the emails is not problem - it works great. The major
>  problem is logging in to approve the email. It (Apache/2.0.40) is so
>  slow that it usually  times out with a 500 error after you try and
>  login.
>  Is there a way of speeding up the web interface?

	The web admin interface itself?  No.  You may be able to speed 
things up indirectly, by breaking up the list into multiple sub-lists 
and having an "umbrella" list that goes by the same name as the 
current single list.

	The issue is that each list configuration is stored in a single 
Python "pickle", including the complete list of all subscribers, 
etc....  Breaking this up into multiple Python pickles is likely to 
help reduce contention, and speed up the overall performance.

>  Can I approve postings from the command line?

	Most large mailing list sites that I know of work pretty much 
exclusively from the command-line.  However, you'd need to search the 
archives for more details on how they do that.

>  There is a large archive as they have been running this for around 3
>  years. Will it speed up if we trash part of the archive. If so how can I
>  trash archived data that is (say) over a year old?

	I don't think the size of your archive is going to have any 
impact on this issue.

	Most of the "performance" related stuff in the FAQ is going to be 
with regards to getting mail out to the members as quickly as 
possible, as opposed to the speed of the web admin interface.  But 
you may find some stuff there that is useful to you.

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