[Mailman-Users] Mailing List Questions

chis4 at mac.com chis4 at mac.com
Sun Sep 4 02:46:52 CEST 2005

By the questions you can tell I am a beginner.  I tried to find my  
answers through the many FAQ's.

I am a mailing list administrator.

There seems to be two ways an address can be added to the list:

1) My entering them by Mass Subscription under the Member  
Addresses entered this way appear in a Member List table.  Good.

2) My approving a request (via email) to add a new address to the list.
Addresses approved by this method do not appear in the Member List  
table mentioned in item #1;  I call them invisible.
Question:    Where and how do I find these invisible addresses?

The list has only 100 addresses and is seasonal.  The beginning of  
each season it would be easier to dump all the addresses and Mass  
Subscribe a fresh list.
Question:    Is there an easy way to dump the lists generated by the  
two methods mentioned above?

Thank you,



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