[Mailman-Users] Complaints about MM 2.1.6b4

Darren G Pifer dpifer at odu.edu
Tue Sep 6 16:08:51 CEST 2005


       We had a few complaints from one of our list admins about
the new version of mailman 2.1.6b4 we upgraded to in June. The
previous version of mailman was version 2.0.13. I can not imagine
that any features were removed between versions, however, they
may have been moved. I am still getting familiar with the new
mailman but do not know everything the new version has. If someone
has come across these of these issues, please reply.

Here are the issues the list admin raised:

Our list serves are moderated - so the faculty cannot send something to
the list without our approval.  The lists are for "us" to notify about
classroom issues.

The old system had a box to enter addresses for all people who can post
to the list without administrator approval.  We were able to "copy and
paste" the same list into each list serve. The "box" does not exist in
the new system.

The new system has a "check-box". For each person in our "copy and
paste" list we have to "uncheck" the MOD box.  You can make the MOD box
default to checked or not-checked.  So we either have to "check" each
faculty member or "uncheck" all of us.

In the new system there is a box that allows you to grant
"non-moderated" access to email addresses who are NOT members of the
list.  So to try and FIX the problem, we entered Classroom at odu.edu as a
"non-member" to this box - in EVERY List Serve, so we could post to the
list serves from this address - and not have to manually go to every
list serve and uncheck the box for everyone who can post to the list
without administrator approval.

The newest problem is:  Because Classroom is a shared email account, it
shows the "real sender" - who is a member of the list with a check-mark
in the MOD box, so it holds the email and waits for administrator

So - we'll make one more pass through 50+ listserves and remove the
check box for 8-10 members.
=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= end of list admin issues

Old Dominion University

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